Join Us For Our Upcoming Elections

Abby Rosa,President; Shellee Morris,Vice President; and Betty Bryan, Secretary will not be able to continue as board members in 2018. New officers will need to be elected in March 2018. Nominations were made at our January meeting.


Dave Kromkowski was nominated for President. Jimmy Rogers was also nominated for President. They both accepted the nominations. There were no nominations for Vice President and Membership Chair. Dave and Jimmy agreed that whoever lost the election for President would become the VP. Janna Staszak was nominated for Secretary. Janna accepted the nomination. Beverly Boler agreed to continue as Treasurer.

There were no other nominations.


Carol Kromkowski volunteered to serve as Events Chair. Paulina Thompson is stepping down from the Board of Trustees. Shellee Morris volunteered to serve on The Board of Trustees to replace Paulina.

Elections will take place at the next meeting, which is scheduled for March 10, 2018.